Correct Method to use Source Control with Plug-ins?

Hi. I have a question regarding how to set up source control to include plugins. I want to set up the source control so that the user can just download the project and have everything it needs to run. The project has some plugins enabled that are Built In with Unreal (ARKit, LiveLink, etc.), and some that are from the Marketplace (specifically OWLLivestreamingToolkit, iClone Unreal Live Link, and MVN Live Link).

I thought I just needed to create a Plugins folder in my Unreal Project directory and place the Marketplace plugins there, but when I download the project through source control and try to launch it, it says that it is missing modules and needs to be rebuilt. Trying to rebuild fails and I need to go into the .uproject and disable the plugins.

What is the correct method to include the necessary plugins into source control? Are there other directories I need to include? And for the built-in plugins, can I just enable them in the project I check-in and it will enable those plugins for anyone else that syncs the project?

The project is a Blueprints only project and I’m on Windows using UE 4.26.2. Any help or suggestions would be great thank you!

Some plugins comes with source code and not pre-build.
You usually need to have UE build those plugins in order to use them with you project. This is what the message about “missing modules and needs to be rebuilt” might be about.
Did you put built plugins into your source control. You might need to build those plugin on your machine and then add binaries into your source control so that users get the built version of plugins.

I am not an expert on distributing plugins, if it is for internal use I prefer to only store the source and have my colleagues rebuild. But if it is something you pass to a user that cannot or do not want to rebuild you could store them in your source control or store build version of them on a separate network folder / cloud storage make them download those plugins.

I am not very versed about licensing, but if you are redistributing source content of plugin from marketplace to third parties that should go against EULAs of the plugins. If your user is a client external to your company they might need to get/pay for the plugins by themselves. That depends what you mean by “user”

The rules differ if you ship a package application with content you got from marketplace OR if you redistribute marketplace content.

Thanks very much for the reply. Having the team members install the plugins themselves has been the work around for us as well. All of our plugins we’ve been using have been free and just used internally, but I will check into the licensing to make sure I’m not missing anything there.

Appreciate the response!