Correct Lighting set-up for environment with indoor and outdoor areas?


I have been playing with lighting set-ups the last few days and frankly im a little stuck. I have a large interior (think warehouse) including a large open door and large windows. My main question is trying to figure out the correct lighting set-up.

Skylight + Directional light - Everything seems a little dark. Bumping up the insensitivity works but doesn’t feel very natural.

Are there any other techniques that would work better for this? I was thinking of using a Directional light + Ambient cube map post process volume for the interior. With a directional light + skylight for the exterior.

How would you guys handle lighting in this situation. Nothing seems to look quite right.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I would recommend you to take a look at the “Light Room” demo which you can download from the marketplace :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the Light Room example is just for interior lighting. I need a solution that will look great for an exterior leading into an open interior environment. The Light Room also uses spotlights to boost the effect of interior lighting. this solution will not work in my environment.

Hi Podzz…
Since I’m a beginner with UE4, I found the following threads were so helpful for me as a start point… :slight_smile:

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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