Correct Characters scale.

Hello everyone,

I’m about to start an animation on the UE where all the main characters are small sized ( talking about 4-5cm in height) in a regular sized room. I already had problems in the past with small skeletal mesh mostly problems like low quality AO or incorrect contact shadows and I was wondering what would be the correct way to proceed during my animation pipeline. Keep everything in a normal scale (having really small characters) or scaling everything up? (having a relly big set).

There is a good example of the kind of character-set scale ratio that I would like to make.

Thank you very much for any help :slight_smile:

i would put the actors at full scale and make the room bigger imho… what they don’t know, they’ll never know (smile)… what ever makes your sequence move smoother… you’re the producer director

Ok, i think I will go that way, thank you very mutch for your help! :wink:

@Phocéa, @northstar idea is solid. There is this Cubit Studio making a game called Infinitesimals which models the character normal sized and all the environment is gigantic, check their twitter acc here:

what they don’t know, they’ll never know (smile)