Corpses. Pack 01 [Submitted]

Corpses in bag. Meshes have 688 to 1590 tris(Beds 196 and 400 tris) 3 Male/2 Woomen/2 Mutilated/1 Empty Bag
Textures 1024x1024 Diffuse/Normal/Specular.

Looks good, should works well with some survivor horror games. Really nice folding and crease effects on the bags. Might be worth to have some different color bag for variation.

Great stuff! Idea is really cool, so creepy.

I think it would be beneficial to add more variance to the bags as mentioned to break them apart, as most horror games are dark they will most likely be hard to read. Perhaps add a hanging limb - foot or hand, or a toe tag? Perhaps some ware/snags in the bags as well. Cheers!

This is cool. Maybe have the bags twitch when triggered? Particle blood drops coming from a corner? So many possibilities.

You made it!