Coroutine in UE4 using boost

hello there.
I’ve looked for using coroutine in ue4 and decide to use delay in buleprint but
someone told me about boost::coroutine that support cross-platform.

so, is anybody here who have a experience using that co-routine?
how much is it safe? I have a doubt how could be safe even on all platform…

Checkout the class I made for courtine/async style programming: Utility class for asynchronous/coroutine style programming in UE4 C++ · GitHub
It doesn’t do multi-threading and only intended to be be used with methods that take longer than one frame to execute (play animation, move to, open UI Widget and wait for it to be closed, etc).

It only works with functions (delegates), that accept callbacks as their parameter.
It’s very easy to write your own Async methods that run Unreal’s MoveTo, PlayAnimation, etc.
I can provide examples if you’re interested.