Corkboard: some kind of multiplayer physics post-it note system

Today I made a weird thing: it’s called Corkboard and it’s multiplayer physics post-it notes in UE4. I did it over like 3-4 hours. It has online multiplayer, saving, etc. I had vague ideas of it being a productivity tool for plotting out project ideas and so on, but there’s almost certainly something perfectly good like this that exists already and isn’t built on top of a high-performance video game engine. Reminds me a bit of Bumptop, the 3D desktop thing Google bought a bunch of years ago.

Looks awesome! Well done, will you be releasing this as Source Code?

Thinkin’ about it!

Ended up fixing this up a bit, commenting it heavily so it’s useful for people trying to learn replication, and submitting to the the marketplace. Stay tooned.

Here’s a packaged build if anyone wants to mess around






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Fixed. Thanks!