"CoreTech" module - it's hard to import at runtime without "CoreTech" module

Hello all !
It’ll be a hard work to import at runtime while there is no “CoreTech” module which is used by other CAD modules in source code.
Source code :

// CAD library is only available if CoreTech is available too
bool bHasCoretech = System.Type.GetType("CoreTech") != null;

// Support for Windows only
bool bIsPlateformSupported = Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Win64;

if (bIsPlateformSupported && bHasCoretech)

As bHasCoretech equal false, CAD_INTERFACE will never been defined, so many codes will be commented.



btw: anyone have the source code of “CoreTech” module ?

I am running in the same problem. did you find a solution?