Core Programmer needed for UE4 [CONTRACT/LONG-TERM]

The Core Programmer will be tasked with creating and implementing the fundamental logics & mechanics upon which the game will be built on.

Our project is an upcoming singleplayer, first-person, tactical-shooter/adventure game.

The individual modules and components have already been planned and specified. The Core Programmer will only need to realize and implement them accordingly.


Expert knowledge with UE4, and its features/capabilities.

Skilled with one or more of the following: UnrealScript, Blueprints, C++


Previous UE4 mod or project experience

Familiarity with one or more of the following: NPCs/AI, vehicles/physics, advanced combat mechanics (damage-types, armor/penetration, locational/directional damage etc), advanced character movements (diving, crawling, climbing, vaulting etc)

Familiarity with the integration of CFG, INI or XML files into UE4 (preferably XML)

Familiarity with the integration of third-party plugins

Knowledgeable with the Audio and/or Rendering components of UE4

Please submit applications to: [EMAIL=“”]