CoR - Clans of Reign – Pre-Alpha footage

CoR Clans of Reign – Pre-Alpha footage

Hello everybody, we are happy to finally share our game with you.

It has been in development for the last year in our sparetime. Progress is slow sometimes, because we are only two people working on it.
Recently we formed a company together and are hoping to work fulltime for the project in the near future.
CoR - Clans of Reign Pre-Alpha footage - YouTube

About the Game

Clans of Reign is an upcoming action oriented multiplayer melee combat game with Coop and PvP gamemodes, set in a rich world with castles and knights.
Take your weapons of choice to dominate your enemies and cleans the land of their reign.

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Looking good for a pre-alpha. I am going to keep my eyes open for this one. Now when you are done, go show Blizzard how to incorporate pvp into Diablo ;p

yall got like a founders thing available ?

It is awesome!

Looking good! I like the point of view and the design in overall. Keep up!

Nice work! Graphics and animations look excellent, and I liked the building effect of revealing/hiding the ceiling as the player enters/exits - looking forward to more!

OK, Good to see you are working on a game, but I fail to see why this is in Spotlight when very little is shown or why people are saying its great … seems like a basic hack n slash, nothing new or innovative is seen here … Also the name does not really make sense. or some of the text on your website.

Good luck anyhow.


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Looking good. Reminds me of one of my favorite games from my childhood, Warrior ( :slight_smile:

Looks like a promising prototype. What platform are you targeting?

PM me if you want some quick advice on the couple of English syntax errors on your web site. Please take this as constructive criticism: in English it would be “Reigning Clans.”

just starting to post an learn about UE and every time a see a project like dis my confidence goes up. keep the good work hope to see your game on steam someday!

Hi guys! Long time no post, but we have been busy pushing the project forward!
Here is a Youtube video of our current progress on the level and environment. We hope to release an actual gameplay video within the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. :slight_smile:

Yet again a new video showing the mainmenu and character customization :slight_smile:

This looks great so far! I agree that the title doesn’t make a lot of sense grammatically, though (unless ‘Reign’ happens to be the name of a place). A sensible version would be ‘Reign of Clans’, or indeed, ‘Reigning Clans’.

Hi and thanks for the info.

Well then Reign is probably the name of our capital :slight_smile:

This week we have built in destructible objects!

Hi All!

This week we have added power ups :slight_smile:
still work in progress

In this video you can see what we have done in the last two weeks.

  • improved wall clipping shader
  • added power ups and health orbs
  • worked on simple bots
  • changed the Combat system to Unreal Gameplay Ability System
  • added new combat effects

CoR - Clans of Reign Pre-Alpha Gameplay - YouTube

if you like the project, check out our discord server.

CoR - Clans of Reign

Hello everybody
a lot has happened for us this week.

  • CoR is now visible on Steam.
  • You can now get a pre alpha key via our discord server.
  • A new map “Arena of Reign” is playable.
  • We created our first intro cinematic.

Discord Server: Usurpator

We made a video tutorial explaining our movement- and combat system :slight_smile:

For Alpha Access join our Discord Server

Hi everyone!

After two years of hard work, sweat and tears. Both Sebi and I are now happy to share with you our Steam Early Access Trailer! We worked tirelessly to get this far with the game! In a few months it will be available for purchase on Steam Early Access in the mean time you can already put it on you wishlist Usurpator on Steam ! If you wish to join our community, the best way to do this is to join us on discord Usurpator, where you can get an pre Alpha key to test the game now before its release. If you want to support us please just share the trailer with your friends :slight_smile:

Martin and Sebi