Copyrights Strike Free Assets?

Hi there,
I am making a game in UE4. I use free-lic models from Mixamo as a start and I use some other markteplace item that are free to use.

I wonder when I release my game, can I ask a small amount of cash for it, like 10 bucks?

I have added UE4 intro and Epic and Nvdia Intro, but I don’t know for sure that Nvidia and Epic is involved with the game, I mostly use it to get a more proffesional feel, but I don’t have setup thing s with Nvidia and EPic Games, so is that a problem?

secondly, I use a old WoW icon for the mage that is edited by fans, it is outdated, the same for the warrior icon. Is there some problem or can I just publish it, cuz it’s not more in game or because it’s fan made?

Also I use some of the Assets of Infinity Blade and Mixamo.

srry for noob questions, but I don’t want a CR Strike om my ***.

yours truly,

normaly Epic wants a small percentage if you make any money using the free engine. In which I think is very fair. just give them the slice so we keep getting updates and improvements. lol

How can you not know if Epic is involved with the game? Did you not use their engine? If you did not, you can’t advertise as if it was.

Also, you need to sign a document to use any Logo, Video Intro, with their legal department, if you didn’t your are in the risk of being target of a lawsuit.

You can sell a game made with UE4 but you must follow the royalty terms outlined here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine

As far as logos go, you wouldn’t be able to use the Nvidia logo unless you’ve made an agreement with them, for Epic they have some branding terms to use the Unreal Engine logo: Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine

For the WoW icon, just don’t use it.

I use UE4, but idk it’s from Epic… ok I delete Nvidia… And I gonna create my on icon. Tnx for the information you guys

When you download and install UE4 there is an EULA which you must read before installing. If you have read you would know UE4 belongs to Epic Games. This very forum at the upper left corner shows Epic Games logo, so I am amazed you don’t know about it.

You really think I read a whole EALA? almost nobody does that. I am just creating a game for fun and I was a bit curious, and if it’s done that’s it not a big deal. But I have read it now and I found my info, tnx for tge replies