Copyrights questions

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a game recently and I had a few thoughts about releasing it free to the public.
I was wondering if I am allowed to release it if my game has music that I took from other official game, knowing that I’m releasing it for free.
My goal isn’t to get money, I just want to have people try it and get feedback on it mostly.

Also, I’ve used in my game assets coming from the Unreal tutorials. Same question.

I’ve never release a game before so if anyone has knowledge about these kind of issues, it would be greatly appreciated!


No, you should make sure you either make all the content yourself, or purchase the rights (i.e. royalty free sites, etc.).

I don’t think it matters if you are selling your game or it’s free.

The Unreal Tutorials are freely available for commercial use which means you may use them even in a product you charge for.

Using another company’s music without their permission is illegal regardless of whether you charge for it. However, it is highly unlikely that anyone will care in this situation. You might be slapped with notices to cease distribution if something in your free content is found to be offensive to the copyright holder, but they really have no incentive to press legal action if you have no money to take as punishment.

Copyright is copyright, everything you mentioned is probably copyrighted whether it is stated or not.

What you should be asking is if you have the right to use it or not? Under what licensing terms is it under? Commercial use? Non-commercial use?

I would steer clear of using music from an already released game. Like Alaan has already stated, ultimately it’s up to them if they want to press legal action or not.
There are places to get music that is free to use for your purposes though.

The assets from the UE4 templates or demo projects on the learn tab can be used in any UE4 game (commercial or free) without any issues.

However releasing the game with copyright protected music is not a good idea, even if you aren’t sued. I highly advise against going that route.

Tyvm everyone for your answers!