good day everyone. I have a project. I will be publishing this on steam soon. In my project, there are free assets in unreal engine store, assets purchased from places such as Brigde, quixel mixer, sketchfab, free3d. Do I get any copyright if I use them in the game I’m publishing? Thanks in advance, I wish you a good day.

No, everyone who purchases them from said sites can use them in their games as well. You purchased a license to use it, but not the thing itself. For free assets you need to check if they are CC0, or if they are not if there is a custom license attached to it, UE4 free stuff for example is only for projects that use UE4, maybe Unity has a similar plan, no idea, you’d have to read the agreements and double check.

It’s okay to use the ones that have licenses in sketchfab, right? by the way, thank you very much.;base64

Depends, if it’s for example a “free” model of Darth Vader, then no, you can’t use it. But if it’s a wooden fence or something that somebody made and released for free, then you can.

thank you very much.