Copyright question



Rephrasing the question,

Is there any problem with recreating California’s redwood park, USA’s death valley or iceland etc. for commercial work? since these are locations that appear in the Star Wars movies/games. But they don’t actually own the land. So there shouldn’t be a problem right?

There are people that sell lightsabers, but it’s custom stuff, so I think because it’s not the same ones from the movie it’s OK.

As for the locations, you can definitely sell stuff for that location. It’s not something anyone created or privately owned. If it was a particular building then that would be a different matter.

Thanks darthviper107.
That’s great! I’ve been very much tempted to recreate those beautiful environments but I’ve been thinking I might be found dead in trunk of a car off road.

Natural geological and geographical locations and features are not copyrighted. They are not inherently a creative work (though many religions would disagree), so no attribution or licensing is required.

However, if you were to recreate an alien planet from an existing work (which comes from someones creative imagination), then you’d have trouble, especially if its a blatant copy / reproduction. If it’s coincidental and you can prove it, you’d probably be okay in court.

Example: A replica of the death star from Star wars would probably get you sued. Creating an ice planet with hills of snow which coincidentally happen to resemble the topography of Hoth most likely won’t.