[copyright question]

Hello ,

I’ve been working on a Call of duty Zombies styled game for around 3-4 weeks now , I was wondering if I could have an issue with Activition/Treyarch by doing so , I wanted to do a fan-remake of “Kino Der Toten” using the UE4 . Can I publish the fan-made game when its done ? Can I get sued ? ( it will be a FREE-TO-PLAY game ) using our own tools and knowledge + were developing from the ground up using our own assets.


As Long as your game is not a direct copy, you’re fine.
Crytek’s Crysis is influenced by Call of duty.

As long as you are not deliberately coping someone else’s IP you should be fine, But it is best to speak to a lawyer if you are not sure.

Ok , thank you for your reply ( I’l just scratch the fan-remake of that map … ) just to be sure I’l be designing my own maps from now on :wink: thanks again !

copying someone else’s IP ? I dont understand that , but thank you for your reply ! I’l be designing my own map ( I have a map idea )

By IP he means their Intellectual Property.