Copyright on textures.

We all, at some point, look to other sources besides our own photoshop to create content. This is especially common nowadays because of the massive amount of textures available on the net. I’m not quite sure what is considered “stealing” and I need a broad explanation for this, because the last thing that I want on my mind is: Who’s going to sue me? Now, bare with me, because it’s late, I’m tired, but seeking an answer anyway, because it’s bugged me for a few days.

Below, we have a home depot, with laminate tile flooring. To make this quick? can I use that texture? does it solely belong to home depot? can I at least use the patterns on the wood? basically, from this tile, what can be used, if ANYTHING at all, in a commercial project? What are the boundaries for even LOOKING/USING this tile as a reference?

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m very tired like I have stated. If this has already been answered, could someone just answer this using my example? I would really appreciate it, because I struggle with boundaries and need to know them before I start taking steps in the wrong direction.

If you didn’t make it, or pay to use it, or they expressively said that you’re allowed to use it, then you can’t.
There is nothing in that picture that you’re allowed to use, it’s not your property.
But you are of course allowed to use a picture as reference as that means you’re just looking at it, not actually using any part of it on your own project.

There are plenty of good sites that sell textures with great prices, you’re better off using them.

Yeah, what he said ^

Try - huge database, operated by very nice people who truly understand textures.

If it says Creative Commons Zero fill your boots.

Be aware though not all things under CC0 is fair use and you can not use that Spiderman model in your game. :wink: