Copyright, Marketplace?

hello guys, I have a question
if a friend has bought a pack in the marketplace and he put me through this pack and I use in my game, I will have problems with copyright or something?
considering that I DO NOT bought, but he provided the pack

That ultimately depends on the license of the content. Content on the marketplace is not licensed for that sort of distribution, what you are talking about is what some may call piracy, only employees and contractors that are contributing to the project may use the content.

if i copy the code blueprint this pack , have problem? i copy manually the code … redo the blueprint in my project .

@anonymous_user_f2166112 my english , I use google translator.

You will still have a problem, just because you make a new blueprint and copy-paste the same things does not mean it is yours.

I think if you use a project based but changes it, it ends up becoming her, right? I do not say a copy 100% of the project but if you use as a base to create another one project, I see no problem.

Example 1 circle (representing the old project), and 1 happy face, both are similar in form but they are not equal understand? I think you create your project based on other projects that ends up leaving you as the owner of your new “form” or “project, pack” etc.

You can do this happy face only if you legally acquired this old circle.
Basically you want to modify base content and you don’t have a right to do so without purchasing it

Like zeOrb mentioned, you still need the rights to modify something. I can’t legally/ethically download someone’s logo and skew it to my liking, and then say that I am the owner, the same concept applied to content on the marketplace.

On this subject I would like to bring to light:<link removed>

It seems to be a site that you can trade paid for marketplace assets for other paid for marketplace assets.

I am pretty sure that this goes against the marketplace rules and definitely robs talented people of their hard earned money.

If anyone from Epic see’s this, what is the best thing to do if we see similar things?


I have removed the link you posted as it leads to pirated assets, if you find anyone pirating UE4 assets please send an email to with a link to the site so they can look into it.


If your friend gives you access to files he bought then that would not be legal. Sometimes people will buy things just to learn from them, and in your case maybe there’s something very specific you want to learn from a content pack that you would have otherwise paid for.

I’ve heard quite a lot about pirated assets via torrents, I am just wondering what steps Epic Games will take to protect my content if such links are reported.

Whenever Epic learns of pirated content they’ve been going through the proper channels to have them removed. Though it can be very difficult to keep on top of it all.

ok guys I get it, I’ll see if I buy the pack that I want to use, but I have a doubt there is any way the unreal stop a game (to red light) if it is pirated with third-party content? I say after the game compiled ha a way of epic verify that the content is 100% Game creator of authorship?

Well at this point they know who you are, so if you release something that has marketplace content then they can search and see if you’ve actually purchased that content from the marketplace. They caught many people who pirated UE4 before it went free.

So if I am a content-maker for the marketplace, can I be safe to assume that my content won’t be making it onto a platform (Steam), or won’t last long unless they actually purchased it?

Sweet, Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there anything stickied that has that in there? That way anyone else who doesn’t find this thread can know how to report this kind of thing.

looking at side developers to market is tricky even someone steal your work, he devoted himself to learn and produce that content to someone coming and stealing in the most personal thanks for remedy my doubts.

Hopefully that would be the case. But you can look around the internet and see tons of pirated games, so it’s pretty much impossible to avoid entirely, but you can still make it difficult for pirates. If you see someone pirating your content you can email the link to Epic and they can go through and try to have it removed.

I am not sure if there is a sticky with that in it, at least I don’t remember seeing it in any of them.


yes there is, it was hiding in the feedback forum:)