Copyright header question

So when I create a C++ project from a template, the template creates several C++ classes for my project. Those modules have the Epic copyright notice at the top. When I create a new C++ class myself, it says I’m supposed to add my copyright info. So when I put my copyright notice in, do I put mine in all of the classes for the game, or do I leave Epic’s in the ones the template created? And does the answer change if I modify a C++ class that the template created?

I don’t care which of these notices goes where, but I want to be respectful of how Epic wants us to do it.


Epic’s engine code is still copyright Epic Games. You shouldn’t change that copyright. To automatically set your own copyright in files that are part of your project, you need to have a DefaultGame.ini file in your game’s Config folder. In the DefaultGame.ini file, in the ‘[/Script/EngineSettings.GeneralProjectSettings]’ section, set the following:

CopyrightNotice=<your copyright notice here>
ProjectName=<your project name here>
CompanyName=<your company name here>
CompanyDistinguishedName=CN=<company name>
Homepage=<your website here>
ProjectDisplayedTitle=<project name displayed title here>