Copyright and penalties

Hello.Why some games uses self modelled guns or random gun names? Why they wont use real guns and Real names ? For example X game modelled scar l but name is ASD 1 for example.Or modelled something unreal.Why they wont use reality?

A gun like any other creation has a copyright or sometimes is part of a brand (ie: Glock) and therefore the company which owns that copyright need to authorize its use outside the regular use (ie: use of image or brand). If any possible thing in a game they needed to ask for a permission to use the image, name or brand, the amount of work would be probably more and the return low, so to avoid troubles (aka lawyers knocking your door) it is a practice to produce elements without caracterization of origin or features tied to suck object in real life.

You say i need talk with them and take an permission.Or make something myself. Yea?