Copying Voice Data from FVoiceModule to Usoundwave

Hi, I am currently working an spatialzing Voicecapture, so that I can play audio captured with a microphone in an audio component. I currently have VoiceCapture set up, and is able to acces the voicedata from FVoiceModule, my quiestion is how do I get the VoiceData from the buffer (filled with GetVoiceData) into a SoundWave and instaniciated so that I can play the sound. I am new to C++ so a more detailed description would be much appreciated.

I’m looking for a way to record sound via mic, safe and replay it as a soundwave for some time. Sadly I’m a total c++ noob. Perhaps this provides some usefull information for you, even if I don’t understand it:

it would be awesome if you could share your solution at some point.