Copying Sequencer Keyframes

I’m using Sequencer to adjust various objects.
I can select multiple keyframes by either control clicking on them or using the marquee tool but i can’t seem to copy/paste them using control-c control-v.

Also very interested in learning more about this. Copy+paste support for key frames, UMG event track support, and UMG track-to-widget rebinding all seem like fundamental feature requirements for any worthy UI animation tool.

I’m really hoping for better UMG animation tools as well.

any help here?

Select keys. Alt + Drag to copy keys to new frames.


Is this still an issue as it’s still unresolved?

You should be able to paste keyframes once copied by moving the play head to the position of the first keyframe then selecting the track you want to past them onto and hitting control ‘v’, I’ve been doing this loads and it works. Though I’ve only tried doing it for the same type of tracks i.e. copying from one transform track to another.