Copying/pasting the transforms of multiple objects

Is there a way to copy and paste the transforms of multiple static meshes in Unreal?
So let say I elect objects A, B and C, copy there transforms and paste those transform values in another scene for those same objects (instead of doing it one by one by hand)

Usually (might not always work). You can copy the objects, open the new level, and paste.

unfortunately this is not an option, we have hundreds of objects and the have different attributes and materials in the 2 scenes.

No other way I’m aware of.

Theoretically you could make a bluetility script to Print the LOC of the objects selected (if you figure out a way to have them selected, I suggest you just add a gameplay tag and loop through all actors with the tag).
Running the script will place the print out of the LOC in your log, from where you can then copy the values one by one into the other level.

Ok, and what about renaming the meshes?
When I try to rename the source meshes to keep things clean, I get this message:
“please choose a shorter name for the asset or create in a shallower folder structure with shallower folder names”

These meshes assets are in a “meshes” folder that is in the main root of the project, so frankly it can get shallower than this in terms of structure.