Copying parts of Blueprints from one project to other?

When I want to use parts of a blueprint from one project in another project, I have to take a screenshot and open the screenshot in an image editor so that I know how to “copy” parts of blueprint in another project. Is it possible to copy parts of blueprint using CTRL-C, load another project into UE4 Editor, and paste parts of blueprint using CTRL-V? I would like to add GTA Style Vehicle Interaction shown in to my driving game.

Yes, it is possible. You can even copy any part of a graph and paste it in a text file as code. Then copy that text again and paste it in the new BP. In any case, dont forget to re-create the variables though.

And most importantly, dont forget to share with us whatever you are making!

You can copy almost anything, copying material nodes are especially helpful.

How do I paste text into a new blueprint? I tried and UE4 crashed.

You do it just like you tried, something just failed. If it keeps happening, try copying over only pieces of the blueprint. It could be a specific node that’s causing the crash or you’re just pasting too much information at once.

I so want the answer to this question!!! I so need the answer for my science fair project!!!