Copying particles problem

Hello, i downloaded an FX particle pack and i want to use only one specific particle from it (cascade particle system (legacy)). I tried to copy it to a different folder, so that i could delete the FX particle pack as it uses a lot of space. Now when i do that it only copies the particle itself and not all the materials/meshes/textures that comes with it.

So then i tried to use the ‘Asset Actions->Migrate’ function, exported it to a new folder and that seems to copy the particle WITH all the needed components, which is what i want.

The problem i have now is, that when i open the migrated particle, i can see that all the references are still tied to the old FX particle pack folder. Is there any easy way to migrate a particle and it automaticly assigns all the references to the copied meshes/materials/textures? Or do i need to go trough the particle and re-assign them one by one?