Copying from Content Directory to IOS's TMP directory

I’m wanting to package a web app with my project that will be loaded with a WKWebView. Unfortunately, due to a bug in order to get this to work correctly, I need to copy it to iOS’s TMP directory.

I tried using : FPlatformFileManager::Get().GetPlatformFile().CopyDirectoryTree; to copy the directory from the Content Folder where the files are packaged at, to the TMP folder. Unfortunately, it appears FPlatformFileManager assumes files are all under the ‘Documents’ folder in IOS, making the TMP folder impossible to get to. I’m not even sure how I could get an absolute path to the Content Folder to copy from there to the temp directory using objective C. So the only solution I can think of is to copy it from the content directory to the documents which I can reach, then from there to temp but thats a double copy, and seems like overkill. Does anyone know a more graceful way to do this? Maybe how to get a path to the content folder iOS’s filemanager will understand?

Did you ever find a way of accessing files on iOS, or getting an actual path to files?