Copying components from one blueprint to another messes up

When I copy a bunch of components from one blueprint to another the following errors happens:

  1. The names of the components are lost
  2. Although the locations remain correct, the hierarchy is destroyed.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new blueprint and add some scene components to it
  2. Give them names and nest them in some manner, e.g. like this:


  1. Select all the components and copy them with Ctrl+C
  2. Create a new blueprint and paste the components in
  3. Observe they have no name and the hierarchy has been collapsed:


Hi ,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve placed a bug into our database for this problem. For your reference, the number is UE-16680. Unfortunately I cannot provide with you any type of workaround at the moment other than rearranging the hierarchy manually.

Have a nice day,

Has there been any development on this bug? I’m experiencing the same problems in Version: 4.11.2-2946394+++UE4+Release-4.11

Hello ,

It’s currently marked as “To Do” so it isn’t Backlogged so it may be fixed soon, but I can’t make any estimations on when it would be. Unfortunately it’s not a very high priority issue at the moment so it isn’t getting very much attention.

4.13 I also have it

Hello E951,

As we now have a good majority of our JIRA bugs marked as public, you can see the status of this report here: UE-16680.

As mentioned before, it’s not a high priority at the moment but a fix should be coming.