Copy UE4 to another Computers

hello everybody
is there any way to copy UE_4.16 or 4.15 from epic directory to another Computers and Veriy it from epic launcher?
it was possible in older versions of epic launcher but in new version after trying to install new version on copied directory it say that the folder should be empty
it is hard for me to download engine resource on my all computers nad i need this feature very much
Thank you

Any solution?

Engine if files are ok should work out of the box without nay installation. in binaries you can find UnrealVersionSelector run it and it will register your enigne and do add up envrament stuff, this probably won’t make it work with launcher (but who knows i never tried that with launcher version, this is what you do with compiled version) but if you ask me launcher is not needed at all, just run UE4Editor.exe and there project selection over there, i rarely using launcher myself.

I need the launcher to add things from the Vault.

UnrealVersionSelector didn’t work. But I copy pasted the “Epic” folder from C:\ProgramData\etc to the new computer and it worked fixed it.

Before the ‘Directory should be Empty’ pops up. Rename your copied UE_4.22 folder something else and change it back to UE_4.22 before you press the Install button. The installer will only v

erify the installation instead of downloading the files all over again.