Copy procedural mesh from static mesh unusably slow


I have added a simple build process indicator using a moving “slice” plane, that will cut a mesh in half, bottom half being rendered as ready, top part being shown as “unbuilt” and cut off.

The blueprint itself is very simple, yet, it brings the FPS down to 10.
If I click drag an object in the editor…the FPS drops to 10 as well.
This is in my construction script.
My PC can handle playing games like latest Battlefield, Apex Legends, StarWars etc, so, its odd to see 10 FPS in a test game setup with only this blueprint and starter content.

Edit: I did some more testing and removed all nodes except “copy procedural mesh from static mesh” and the performance is still at 10fps, so the culprit has to be that function. Since that function isn’t usable in production, is there an alternative way for slicing meshes?

Looks like i found a replacement function that works.
Get section from static mesh → create mesh section works well enough.


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