Copy procedural mesh from static mesh component - Huge performance hit per Actor at runtime

Spawning an actor that includes a Static mesh and a procedural mesh components and then using the “copy procedural mesh from static mesh component” node has a huge impact on performance. Has anybody noticed it ? Is there a way to “async” this task since it gets the engine to freeze for a frame or two while using this node.

I ve done this test with nothing else in the scene but this node and I still experience this issue.
I ve tried getting all collisions and physics simulation off, it still freezes for a frame when spawned.

Tks in advance if u ever had this problem and found a solution.

yes I’m looking at the same problem. I’m doing it every tick. That is obviously dumb if the impact on performance is so huge. Of course the worst thing is turning on “Creating collision”. But I didn’t find an answer so I’m just reducing it to like every 0.2s.