Copy paste ForEachLoop node bug

When doing a copy paste with a ForEachLoop node that node will not work anymore. It will just give out several errors which can’t be fixed. It works fine when replacing it with a new created node.

I encountered this while using it for a hit result array.

Hi ,

Can you tell us which errors you’re getting? Do they occur on compiling Blueprint? When you first created ForEachLoop, what array were you feeding into it? Are you feeding same type of array into pasted ForEachLoop node? Please grab a screenshot of your node setup (both original ForEachLoop node and copied/pasted node), and errors you get from it. Thanks!

Here you go, that should answer everything:


Copy paste ForEachLoop:

Hi ,

Thanks for additional details! As I suspected, this is a known issue that has been around for a while (UE-4911), that copied/pasted ForEachLoops retained Array input type specific to output it was originally given. While I wouldn’t have expected it to display this same error when attaching copied node to same output, it shouldn’t be an issue in 4.8 release because now copied/pasted loops do not retain any information ( Array input will be wildcard/gray). If you see same behavior after 4.8 release, please let us know!