Copy/paste Absolute world loc between actors doesn't move them to same place

Hi, I’m used to copying and pasting location between actors/objects in Blender or After Effects’s 3D if I want to get them to roughly the same place.
I can’t do that in Unreal 4.25.4. I change the Location transform to Absolute (world), copy the loc of object A and paste it onto object B’s Absolute location, yet it doesn’t move to the Absolute location of the first object. Pivot points are both at the centers of the objects. Am I doing something wrong?

Edit: I find it strange that when I switch an object’s Loc transform from Relative to absolute, the numbers don’t change. Is there like a conversion step I’m missing? It seems like a bug to me.

object transforms are always displayed in relative space. If your object is a child of another object it won’t move to the same location unless the parent is at the world origin (0,0,0) with no rotation.

So how would I go about moving one object to the position of another? Just manually move it with the transform tool? That seems imprecise and awkward. Thanks!

Un-parent the object, then paste in the transform, then re-parent.
You can also try rightclicking the goal-post object and using “Snap view to object”, then rightclick the target object and using “Snap object to view”.

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There was no parenting going on. I switched the Transforms of both objects from Relative to Absolute, copied Abs Loc from object A to object B, object B doesn’t move. Expected: object B moves to loc of object A.