Copy Material Function from one project to another

I am reusing a material by simply copying the .umap asset into my Content colder.
However for some reason the Material Function inside my material is not being copied.

I can open the Material Function and just copy the Expressions(nodes) but they end up losing all their connections after pasting!

There must be a way to easily copy materials using Material Functions.
Can someone help?

You need to use ‘migrate’ in the right click menu.

If you do a lot of moving stuff in the explorer you will end up with a very broken project pretty quickly…

Thanks. Yes I am learning that! Never copy paste. ALWAYS migrate. IMHO copying/pasting of expression/nodes from one project to another should be entirely disabled so novices like myself don’t experience the same issue.

Yeah, you really have to watch it, it can be very surprising what items are related by references…