Copy Level to New Project --> does NOT work!

Copy Level to New Project → does NOT work!

If am trying to copy a level to any other project, and paste it within the Content folder → Unreal does NOT identify, show or load the map.
This Bug is Major and should be resolved immediately.

migrating is a right way to get stuffs to other project.

Because levels are rather a complex thing, you can’t just copy and paste them from one project to another; you have to right click -> migrate them, from inside their current project, to make sure that all the references and other assets it needs to work properly, also get migrated over.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the video. My first approach was the MIGRATE option. But that failed.

So my second approach was to copy and paste. But same issue.
Please let me know if you can reproduce that issue, but on my end migrating selected levels to any other projects just doesn’t work.

Maybe I am missing something else here, but I followed the documentation, and used the migrate option. But not luck, the levels can’t be loaded when migrating to other projects.

Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

Migrating is the way to go.

Which version of the engine are you migrating from? which version of the engine are you migrating to?

What “fails” when you migrate?

  • Do you have the migrated assets in the content folder?
  • are they recognized as the good type?
  • what error message do you get when you load the map?

make sure both levels are in same ue4 version and the try migrating it.