Copy Landscape splines from one terrain to another

I need to copy some landscape splines (about 50!!!) with mesh attached from one landscape terrain to another (more hi-res), is it possible?

As far as I know it’s not possible to copy landscape splines, but you could copy and paste your entire landscape into the new map + delte the landscape -> probably the splines will stay where they are (havent tested it) :slight_smile:
Otherwise take a look at Blueprint Spline Components.

Ok, sorry for the incoming stupid question: when you say “map” do you mean “level”? :confused:

Yep into your new level (where you have your other terrain). :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, I’m going to try even if I saw that when I hide the first landscape even the splines disasppear, so I fear that It’s not going ro work… but I hope I’m wrong!
And what about trying to augment the resolution of my current terrain? What should I turn up? Just the section size? :slight_smile:

Just increase the overall resolution, but to get some more in depth information: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/TechnicalGuide/index.html#performanceconsiderations :slight_smile:

The landscape spline tool should have fully functional copy & paste functionality. It would be really nice to copy splines and paste them somewhere else, it would save a lot of time.

Joinmake, I know for sure that you can copy abd paste landscape splines in the same terrain, have you ever tried to copy and transfer landscape splines to another terrain? Thanks:)

Thanks, you solved a really huge question for me!!! Can I change the overall resoluton for an existing landscape? 'cause when I go to the Manage Landscape menu it doesn’t seem to let me change that specific parameter, :frowning:

I havent tested it, but I think it’s not possible, but you can add more component in the manage tab :slight_smile:

Well **** me. Thanks, I didn’t realize it works.

Hi… Pretty late answere sorry, but you can select the segments of you spline and Ctrl+C then paste it in notepad/wordpad. Then copy everthing in note/wordpad and past in your new level or project. Workes on anything you have in your level. Beware to not copy to much or your PC will freeze.

I just found this thread because I was looking for the same thing. I realise that this was asked 9 years ago now xD But maybe someone else will come across it…Seems you can now retarget splines to a new landscape, so I just made the new one in the same scene, retargeted the splines and then dragged them from the old terrain to the new one in the outliner. That seems to have done the trick.