Copy Inventory Item and add to HotBar

Hello folks!

I have my main widget(Game_HUD) which displays the inventory and some other stuff and I got another widget which displays my hotbar(HUD_Hotbars).

How would I go about this:
I pick up an item and this item is added to my inventory. Now I want to open up my inventory where my mouse cursor gets enabled and then go to the inventory slot where my picked up item has been stored, hover over it with my mouse and while hovering it I press a number(and only number strictly) and then the item gets added to the corresponding button number of my hotbar widget(or actionbar if you like to call it).

What is underlined I am trying to do.

What I’ve done till now experimenting with 1 button press:


So where do I go from here, any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Well off the top your casting nood has no object so attach your player controller to it. Then as far as rest goes not to sure bout to do this myself but im gonna have 2 seperate inventories one for only equipable items which are referenced and 1 inv for all items and if contains ID then add to other inventory :slight_smile: good luck and cheers

Should I connect player controller on the object of the casting or the widget(gamehud) from which I want to access and copy the member? In my case it’s Game HUD I want to access. So I take from the Game HUD the object that has been saved in the inventory slot and pass it through the casting to my hotbar button, but how will I go about this? :smiley:

All you want on your UMG is actually a reference to the item thats in your inventory, so just using the array in your inventory find out what that object is and set the 1 in your hud bar to be the same thing.