Copy imported components to cache

Is this new?
What will be copied to the cache exactly?
I thought that the content of cache and components are largely different?


“Copy imported components to cache”
Set to True in case your cache is located on an SSD disk and you want to speed up the access to components.

Thank you (again) Vladlen.

I don’t use the help much any more after the initial read 1.5 yrs ago because it has no “find” function.
I have no patience to browse through the badly designed tree layout, only to end up at the beginning if I click something wrong.
It is already coded in html - I do not understand why they don’t just whip it up as a wiki - like anyone else…

If then I find nothing in the forum, I take the liberty to ask. :wink:

Help is context sensitive. If you enter settings help will open page with settings.
For more hardcore searches I use find text feature in Total Comander in Help dir in RC installation dir.

Hmm, that could be useful. Cheers!
Won’t install another tool specially for that but maybe something that I already got could do that.
It’s just another one of those small things.

The context sensitivity does not work for me - I tried that before posting!
Neither with activated help tab and typing nor when clicking the button /setting menu in question does anything show up.
The only thing that works in the help tab is ctrl-f but that works only on the displayed page…

the full-text Help search is being worked on

Excellent! :mrgreen: