Copy, cut and paste in Data Table

It would be nice to be able to copy cut and paste data table rows into “NewRow” sockets to avoid having to manually redo everything each time. I know I can export to csv or json, but that kinda a tedious workaround for what would be a pretty simple feature.

I second this, this would be an EXTREMELY USEFUL FEATURE EPIC.

When you make the change in the cvs and save, the engine asks you if you want to re-import automatically (providing the DT still has access to the source file). You actually get a prompt, it’s a one button click. I use it all the time. I never ever edit data tables manually because they’re simply unwieldy to work with.

So in a way I do second that.


I found this post via bing search, I second this. Would be handy and quick.

They’ve done it, it will get to the next release.

If you’re using custom enginie, try integrating this changelist from dev-framework.

Yeah I need a workaround to duplicate rows inside a Data Table!!!

Okey, just exported the DataTable as JSON, edit the file with VS, copy/paste and modify any row to whatever I want and then Reimport the DataTable with the new JSON file.