copy BP class

my player uses a BP class. Now I want to duplicate the class but all settings are default and not taken from my player settings.
How to duplicate the player with it’s parent class and retaining all settings but in a way that I can further modify without affecting the first player class.

Right click on the BP and create a child BP of it, it’ll inherit all of its components and events and you can override and modify variables from parent class in it also

It’s hard to understand what you want to do.

Do you want an actual duplication, where it has the same Parent Class as the original one? Then you should be able to just rightclick it and hit “Duplicate”.
If the ParentClass accidentally goes “missing”, you can open the new BP and got to the top left EDIT button and hit “Reparent Blueprint”. There you can
choose the correct ParentClass again.


Do you want the PlayerClass as a Parent Class for another Blueprint? Then you can do what @PhoTek told you (:

I duplicate ship which has class/bp boat. Also duplicate bp boat to boat2.
ship2 still has boat but how to change it to have boat2? In PB edit I can’t find such.
Many thanks