copy assets from marketplace project and use them into to do ??

Hi I want to know if is there a way I can import and use assets from marketplace project and use them into my project (even for learning pourposes)

is the only way to use the migrate tool or is there a better and more speedieest way to do that?

all I want to do, is to copy assets from effects cave enviroment to my project and experiment with them but using migrate tool for every single asset is very long and tedious…

anyway to do that via migrate tool must I first create and effects cave project and then migrate assets from it to my project or maybe can I simply copy/paste via folder explorer rom effects cave project to my or save them into a temporany folder and after copy them into my project???

thanks in advance


You can migrate the entire folder if you want, that would be a lot faster

In the sample project, right click on any asset or folder in the content browser, and choose “Migrate”, you will then be asked where to migrate too, and in there just choose your projects “…\Content” folder, any other folder will give you an error.

Also, you can use these assets in your game, all assets available on marketplace so far can be used in your game no problem. This may change, but they said it would specifically state that you cannot before you download if this is the case.

I am not sure about the option too cut/paste into your folder, but that may also work, if not you might have to import it, but I’m not entirely sure about this method, so don’t quote me on that! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you are just abel to do that with the migrate tool:

  1. open the effects example project
  2. click onto the asset/folder
  3. migrate
  4. choose the content folder of your own project or any other folder
  5. migrate

This also works as long as you keep the folder structure

thanks I tried to copy the enviroment folder fro my effect cave project to my personal project and I noticed that not all content works fine like instanced materials .I tried to apply an instanced material to my mesh and I noticed that instanced material texture disappear into content browser and the texture dont apply to my mesh the same for many materials functions…

for example .I noticed the rocks dont appear with snow on them but original mesh has snow…

As fighter and DotCam said migrating is the best option, and make sure you show the Content folder of your project as destination, no sub folders, for the safest migration.

When migrating assets, you are migrating the actual base asset that was imported into that game when it was created, however these assets are just the “default Look” assets, once an asset is placed into the world, it’s material setting can be modified for how they want things too look in the game (Effects Cave). The ones you see without snow in the cave demo are the same assets, might be using a totally different material setup.

Short story here is you can only migrate from the Content Browser, which stores the default look for each asset, and they were then edited to suit their needs for a specific area of the scene., everything you see in the level it’s self was made using the assets from the content browser, but all the pieces necessary to re-create are there after migration.

You can go back and click on the rocks in the scene, and find our what material they used there, so I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear last time, but when you copy all of the assets, you have everything you need to make a scene like that, but you do not get any assets that are in the scene, just the base assets from the content browser used to create the scene.

But with all the stuff you now have, you can recreate it, just comes down to getting the right materials, set on the mesh, ect. :slight_smile: