Copy animation retargeting rotations?

I have 2 versions of my female character… animations are virtually identical… except version B is in high heels… i would like to retarget every animation to match with that… but the retargeter has a different pose for that model then the original model… I would like to take the original retargerpose and copy that so that i can modify it for a different mesh if u know what i mean… Each mesh has its own retargeting pose regaurdless if tehy are on the same skeleton or not.

So to say again… 2 meshes. 1 high heel … 1 boots.

Boots animations have already been retargeted and i already set up its retargeting pose…

High heels retargeting pose have not been set up yet… i would prefer to start from the boots mesh pose so i can just fix the angles and height… etc etc… How can i do this easily?