Copy and Paste Bug - Simple Move to Actor/Location

Just a little bug I’d like to report, copy and paste doesn’t work with Simple Move to Actor/Location Nodes. Neither ctrl functions nor right mouse functions work.

Hey Neil Fallon,

Which version of the engine are you running so I can test this on my end?

Would you mind also providing me with some reproducible steps for the specific actions you are having troubles with?

Sending me your ‘dxdiag’ will also give me a bit more insight on your hardware which could be causing these issues to occur.

I have been able to successfully use all of these functions as expected on my end so far.


4.6.1, I just insert the node and I can’t copy it, I tried with other projects and only those nodes don’t seem to paste.
link text

I have tested this issue as much as I can and am unable to reproduce what you are mentioning.

I am in the Binary release of 4.6.1 and within my level blueprint I have used the Copy/Paste functions on the specific nodes you mentioned without trouble.

It seems that if your right mouse functions and your control functions do not work either, this could be related to not having it as your active window at the time.

Are there any settings you might have changed within your project settings or editor preferences?


No, I did not change any options. It’s probally a random bug with my specific engine. I thought it was for everyone, but since it’s just for me there is no problem.