Copy an entire level ONTO another?

Is this just a simple matter of going to the world outliner and copying basically everything there, perhaps maybe not the landscape, and pasting it onto the other level? What would be the simplest and most error-free way to accomplish this task?

Simplest analogy:

You’ve build a land and want to add a castle, then a dungeon, a banquet hall etc but have built them as separate umaps?

am I close?

Take a look at this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

That, *should *cover the salient points.

If it’s within same project, you then already have all the assets there and you can just copy/paste everything from one level into another. This works between two editor instances and is actually something you sometimes have to do if you want to use a map made with never engine version in older engine as you cannot open the newer maps in old engine version directly.

You can copy/paste landscapes too, it works. Most important thing to note here is that if you copy/paste between two different projects is that both projects need to have the same assets on your content folder that are in the level. If you don’t have, those will not transfer over on world outliner copy/paste.

Do note that doing operation like this isn’t regular use case. If you plan to use it as a game mechanic, there are better ways to accomplish the same thing. In such case, it would be better for you to explain why you want to do this so people could advice you better.

I’ll explain completely. It’s for a Simulator and it is a sort of rapid fire thing so I need to have loading times down to less than 5 seconds, kinda like running the gauntlet or doing flash cards… Even though I have a good machine, I thought a simple teleport to another location on the same map would be the best approach. What do you think?

As I linked, level streaming should cover that nicely.