Copy 3 Animations from one Spider Skeleton to another Spider Skeleton

i have tree FBX-Animations from a Spider (Turn Left, Turn Right and a Idle-Animation).

The goal is to transfer this 3 Animations to another Spider-Mesh. The Skeleton is not excatly the Same.

I hope someone can help me?

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You need identical skeletons in order to copy an animation from one entity to another.

Hello Dhully,
i mean i have seen somewhere that this is possible with Motionbuilder if the skeleton is not identical.
but I can also be wrong.
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Perhaps re-naming the target’s bones in third party tool to match parent rig? I’ve also pondered over how to achieve this between different nonhuman rig, the current idea animate parent skeleton (no mesh), manually rotating/position target skeleton bones by name with skelcontrols.More reading required.