Cops vs Robbers type game? Thoughts needed

Hello fellow developers,
I had an idea of a Cop vs Robber type game, the idea came from a child’s game engine called Roblox, there is a game called JailBreak, and how the game works is, you choose a side to be on Police or Criminals side.

On the Police side you spawn in a police office where you select the choice to wear a uniform and select your firearms shotgun and pistol.
To make a long story short you monitor the prisoners and make sure they do not escape or receive any illegal objects to escape, if they do escape you pursue them and arrest them.

The Criminals side, you spawn inside a cell with a set time of 10 secs of when the cell gate opens, once it opens your objective is to escape the prison with out being killed or arrested, once you escape the prison there are getaway vehicles outside the prison you steal one of those and head to criminal hid out which will be your final spawn home of shotguns and pistols if you die, but if your arrested you will be back in prison.

As your finally free, your choice is, to rob museums or trains and banks, for a big buck, you can also rob gas stations, with the money you get you can buy a selection of getaway vehicals scatter through out the map, or if your arrested you can buy a closer hideout.

So after telling you the basics of the roblox game, I was going to remake this game as a ue4 game, and make it free to play so what do you guys think of this idea? Is it worth trying or a no go.

More things you might want to know of the ue4 version is, it will be fps and tps, it will be online multiplayer, and it will be on steam.

I would say go for it ! It sounds like a lot of fun actually :slight_smile:

Ok great, I’m going to look into more

Interested to see how a game mode could be converted into a full game.

Sounds great though, wishing you the best! Following also :slight_smile:

Thank you!