Copied project deleted when copy was deleted

So my last post didnt get posted because of all curse words, so this title was best compromise, excuse caps please.

Sooooo, I made a new version of my project, as in, my original was 4.9, and then I copied it but ran it as 4.8, I then deleted 4.8 version and it also deleted my original, which I hadnt backed up and spent about 3 month on, or probably a month worth of actual building time.

Is this a normal function of UDK? If so why? Why on earth would developers add this function??? It gave me no warning at all that it would delete original or parent, whatever you want to call it.

I truely don’t know what to say, don’t tell me that I should have backed it up and its my fault, this is not my fault, also, why doesnt it show up in recycling bin? I was under impression that only market place purchases were stored online, because projects didnt show up between computers?


Please stay civil. We will attempt to assist as much as we can. I’ve moved this to Bug Reports in case it is a bug.

So, a couple questions:

  1. What process did you use to create a copy? Did you do it manually in Windows Explorer?
  2. How did you open copy in 4.8? Backwards conversion is not supported or recommended, though in some (rare) cases it may work. Did you right-click .uproject file and select Switch Unreal Engine Version?
  3. Where did you delete project? Was it in Windows Explorer, or in Launcher? If it was in launcher, it’s possible 4.9 project wasn’t deleted, but just reference to it. In that case, open 4.9 and in Project Browser, select Browse and search for location you had saved it originally.

If there’s any other information you could give us, that may be helpful. As is, you haven’t given us a lot to work with. Let us know! Thanks!

Hi ,

Sorry for raging, :confused:

I did it in UDK, I tried to add a pack I purchased from marketplace to my project and it said none of my projects were compatible, and it said please choose closest alternate version, and so I did and launched same file, which I thought was a copy instead of a duplication or parent/child relationship, deleted it in launcher, and then it deleted not only copy, but primary project file, and another copy I had created earlier. In one “delete” action, it simultaneously deleted 3 projects.

Not in my wildest dreams, did I expect that, and I certainly dont recall any type of warning that it was to also delete all associated files or something.

I looked in project browser and didnt see it, I dont see folders either, project files are gone entirely.

Did you click Browse button in Project Browser and search for project where you originally saved it? By default these are in your C:\Users\Your.Name\Documents\Unreal Projects

Yes, sorry for not specifying clearly, all of my folders relating to three projects in Unreal Projects folder are gone

Just give it to me straight doc, I’m doomed aren’t I?

Guess ill just do it better this time :frowning:


I’m sorry that you are having this issue. I believe what happened may have been related to way Launcher handled content back in version 4.8 and earlier. way we handle adding content to projects was changed in 4.9 and doesn’t happen with 4.9+ content.

As for getting your project back, you may have a couple of options (hopefully):

  1. Take a look at this forum post and see if what users mention there works for you.

  2. If you are using Windows, maybe doing a System Restore to a date prior to when project was deleted may restore project.

Let us know if anything works for you or not.

Hi TJ, thanks for help but none of those things resolved my issue.