Coordinating swarm agents & distributed light-map build?

Hi guys
Has anyone played around with distributed lightmap build on multiple agents?

-I’ve been playing around with swarm agents on AWS servers. Everything works so far but I"m wondering if there is a tweak somewhere so I can easily add (or remove) agents/server from swarm coordinator at the middle of a compile/build

-At the moment, if I starts all agents before a command build, the swarm coordinator can distribute jobs to all those servers
But if I add one agent in the middle of a build, the new agent/server will just sit there without doing anything (coordinator can pick up this new server if I stop the job and start the build again)

  • Also, the build doesn’t seem to be distributed from start to finish . For example, with a 17 min test build, the 2nd agent kicked in a few minutes after the job started, it also ended a few minutes before the job succeeded on the master agent (log says lightmass built total time were 16 mins on master and 11 mins on remote agent respectively)
    I understand lightmass build kicked in late (hence the late started on remote agent but I’m not sure why remote agent also ended early leaving the master running/completing the build).