Coordinate discrepancy when importing FBX

Hi all, im having a little trouble. Ive written some maxscript to assist with ue4 exporting because i couldnt work with tom shannons ue4 exporter, im not sure why, it just wouldnt work for me.

So i wrote my own script that exports the object names and transforms into a text document. I then read this into a program i wrote which compiles the code that i can paste into the editor that also automatically assigns the preimported static mesh associated with those coordinates saving me alot of time and keeping the pivots local to each object. That part works correctly.

Now the strange part is that the coordinates in max are identical to those in the exported text file, the generated code and in unreal. But things just dont line up. They are offset on their local axis by a good few feet on the y axis and the object layout is coming in flipped on the y axis. I cant see why this is happening as all of the object coordinates are correct in max and they are also correct in unreal, yet theres this huge discrepancy in placement is appearing. Ive tried resetting xforms, freezing transforms ive even tried using a standard model from my asset library that isnt placed in a layout so it is completely zeroed out and yet it still happens.

If anyone or any devs can help and want to see the code im pasting ill gladly provide it. Once the tool is fixed im going to upload it somewhere for all to use because its such a time saver. forgetting the fixes i currently have to do, i can place my entire scene into the editor in one go without having to assign any meshes to actors manually which is a huge deal in my opinion.

I have a Maxscript that does this, last I checked it still works:

Copies the information in 3ds Max and formats it for UE4 to the clipboard and then you paste to UE4, just make sure your content path is correct.

Thanks darth. I used to use your script all the time! The way ive written mine though is slightly different so it allows me to select literally all of my scene,instanced or not, and paste it in one go. And it works apart from the weird offset. I work for a major retailer and we are moving away from our realtime engine into unreal and all of our fixtures and fittings may or may not have instances and when theres over 1000 objects in a scene its just alot easier to be able to do them all at once rather than knowing what objects are and arent instanced.

I have a feeling its something to do with 3ds max axis vs unreal axis. In max it looks like y is forward whereas in unreal x is forward? Is this correct to anyones knowledge? i can fix it by mirroring the object on its y axis in unreal