Coordinate changed after .FBX export

Hello everyone… I need some help here, i’am new into unreal engine, I want to share my problems hope you guys can solved my problems here… very need your help guys…! i want to make archviz, modeled in 3ds max and then exporting the .fbx with ts_tools script, and then import it to unreal. but i have an issue here, the mesh coordinate changed for example it rotated (TV) for no reason and then some mesh disappeared (Vase). i will post the screenshoot from 3ds max and in unreal engine.

just help me guys!!

You need to tick the change to X-forward and rotate 90 on X most probably.

UE4 and 3ds max use different coordination. You can go into the mesh asset, check the details panel and change the import setting there, and then reimport (top toolbar)