Cooper - Back to Space (Programmer needed)

Project Title:
Cooper - Back to Space

Cooper Back to Space VR is in a SciFi First Person Shooter with VR Support.
The Player is Commander Cooper. He is some sort of a Space Marine who
wakes up without memories of anything. He is guided by his Virtual Reality
Intelligence called Corry. Together they have to find a way back from Earth
to Space to meet the Federation of the Human Races. There the Commander
can get his memories back. With his lost memories back, the Commander
must fulfill his destiny now… save Mankind.


  • VR Support
  • Voxel Terrain/Planets
  • HighRes Texture/Texture Streaming
  • Physical Water
  • Fur / Hair
  • First Person Shooter
  • Planets, Spacestations, Land - Air - Space Vehicles

Team Name:**
Digital Magix (Team)

Team Structure**:**
Dennis Mergner (Developer & Creator) 1,5 years

Previous Work:
Some little VFX Work in the past and some Modelling/Sculpting.
Webdesign, PHP MySql.
Working about 1,5 Years now with Training and Testing for this Project
with Digital Tutors/Pluralsight/TheGnomonWorkshop
Working with the Unreal Engine 4, World Machine, Allegorithmic Designer and Painter,
3d Coat, ZBrush, Maya, Quixel Suite and many others.

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer>

  • Combine some SDK
  • I have UE4 Graphine Granite Indie Build and need it to work
  • together with the Voxel Farm Indie if possible

Cooper Back to Space Website