Coop / DM multiplayer plugin for Android ?

Is there a plugin for multiplayer (local via WiFi or global using PC-based dedicated server) for Android?

It would be nice to have something that is super easy to setup in BP.


I haven’t heard of such a plugin for UE4. Local multiplayer in blueprints doesn’t work for android either. You will need to modify the engine or wait for epic to fix it.

Ouch. I recently decided to give mobile and mobile VR a shot, because PC production scale is much bigger nowadays for indies (and I work full time) and now it seems UE4 is not suitable for fully fledged mobile games :frowning:

I doubt Epic will fix it any time soon because of Paragon development (and they are hiring for mobile department, so it seems until they staff it there would be not whole a lot of fixes coming)

i thought it did work, i know cross platform with android did work at some point or still does…as soon as i get a chance ill test it myself

If you want to fix it yourself for now, the steps to do it are in this thread:

Be prepared to download visual studio and Ue4 source code though.

I wouldn’t stop working on the game if I were you. By the time it is done, they will have it fixed.

The above pull request is in for 4.12 and will be in Preview 1.

There you go. Thank you Chris for good news!

Is there an existing plugin for the multiplayer feature on android?