Cooldown Icon

Hello guys,
i hope someone can help me here.

I want to do an Icon, which resembles a timer with blueprints. But i don’t know how to do it.

The icon should be a circle, and the timer should be shown like a cooldown … like in WoW (the normal icon and above that a grey shadw, which runs out in a circle). I hope you understand what i want :confused:

Also i hope that i am the correct forum for this.


You need transparent (or masked) material with mask as alpha. Then either rotate mask or material, so only part of material shows.
Add your icon texture to that material. Create parameter that rotates mask or material used for circle.
Make instance of that material with scalar parameter, that you use for rotating.
In blueprint create dynamic material instance, apply instance of your icon to it,
then change exposed parameter to rotate circle or mask.

Thanks for the answer.
But could you give me an example ?
I am new to the material blueprints and don’t really understand what exactly i have to do at each step :confused:

Or is there any image or video which could help me with this ? I searched the last couple of days, but didn’t found anything that shows me the way of how to do :confused:

i suppose a dynamic material like that

would be what you need. This is from :

Did a quick sketch in my Inventory System / UI… this thing was/is on the list so or so :slight_smile:

Oh Fen, i tried to make it that way but many variables are missing i mean they are not shown in the material setup. and the thing isnt properly rotated at least it wasnt for me.
Here is my setup:

Thanks for the reply !
Did as u did in the material, and showed the same :slight_smile:

But … what do i need to do in the widget ?
Actually i wanna place a timer (which is a circle) and it count’s down from 20 to 0 … but i need to do it without numbers … just a simple “cooldown” effect like that in the video.